iPhone won’t be myPhone

We 2nd class citizens up here in Canada have had to wait over a year for the iPhone (aka Jesus phone) to arrive on our shores.  We thought it was worth the wait with the Case’s announcement of the iPhone 2.0(3G) release and Canadian availability on July 11th.  Not so fast fanboy.

With the iPhone being GSM only that means only ONE carrier in Canada can accommodate the iPhone, Rogers.  Well, today the other shoe dropped.  After much speculation and bogus numbers Rogers released details of their iPhone Voice and Data plans and its not pretty kids.  There was faint hope that the Rogers plans would be comparable to those around the world or allow for an “unlimited” plan.  I won’t go into the plan details as they have been well documented on the intertube here, here.

What I find more interesting is the…ahem…passionate response Rogers failure to provide fair and reasonable rates for Canadian iPhone users has generated.  There’s the “ROGERS IPHONE PLANS ARE EVIL. MAKE A STATEMENT. DONT BUY ONE” Facebook group, the “Fuck You Rogers | Screwing Canadian iPhone customers since 2008” petition with at time of writing 2,183 signature and has made it onto digg as “Rogers, you ruined my iPhone dream“.

I’ve been a Blackberry user for years but was considering moving to the iPhone for its screen size, browsing ability, visual voice mail and upcoming App store.  After seeing these rate plans with a 3 year contract I won’t be making that switch.

Despite what Rogers chief marketing officer, John Boynton had to say, “We’ve designed a pricing structure that offers affordable, flexible voice and data packages so Canadians can truly unleash their iPhone 3G experience on Canada’s fastest wireless network” the small, yet vocal group of iPhone users Rogers are hoping to attract aren’t buying it.  Rogers has completely taken advantage of their monopoly position with the iPhone and complete lack of competition and the only thing being unleashed is anger of the Canadian customer.


Pug Awards


Sitting at Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner Museum waiting for the Pug Awards to begin.

While I’m doing that I am enjoying a $9.00 glass of Norman Hardie 2006 Chardonnay ($35) from Prince Edward County….hey good stuff doesn’t come cheap.

Expected for the Roundtable Discussion:

The event is delayed in getting underway.  The room is packed.  While we wait….The Pug’s have some additional resources:

Here are the nominees for 2008:

20 Stewart
22 Condominiums
533 Richmond
76 Shuter
Argyle Authentic Lofts
Battery Park
Broadview Lofts
Infinity Condominiums I
One City Hall
Pinnacle Centre – Tower 2
Quantum 1 – South Tower
Residences of College Park I
The Met
Wellington on the Park
Windermere by the Lake


We’re about to begin.  Anna Simone of Ciccone Simone is mc’ing.  Usual thank yous and some history of the Pug Awards which started in 2004.

Michael Cane, creator of Kontent Group is moderating the panel.


The panel listed above is being introduced.

Short video from the CBC’s The Agenda with Steven Pakin discussing the Michael Lee Chin Crystal @ the ROM.  Christopher Hume likes it.

Question:  Why is there no consensus on the Crystal?

Bruce Kuwabara likes it but theres debate within his family.

Julie Di Lorenzo’s daughter is fascinated byt it which is ok by her.  She doesn’t like it but its groing on her.

Gary Switzer doesn’t mince words….he HATES it!  He REALLY, REALLY hates it!

Kyle Rae approved it on council so…… Rae thinks it makes a tremendous statement.  Ask Christopher Hume stated “Torontoians love mediocrity”.

Question: Does Toronto suffer from bad architecture or bad planning?

Kyle Rae discusses the public involvement or lack thereof in the planning process.  Density/anti-height lobby makes it difficult.

Julie states that “scale is fundamental”  Participation has increased over the years.

Bruce believes “every building is a city”.  He speaks to architects having to love cities in order to make good buildings in a city.

Follow-up question regarding Bruce’s redesign of the Royal Conservatory of Music next door to the ROM.  He speaks of the difficult decisions and the different surfaces and textures used.  “Contrast is good” amongst the ROM, Conservatory and Gardiner.

Question:  Do buildings suffer from lack of design and poor build & construction?

Gary says “its not a question of bad materials its what a architect does with them”.  Using 18 Yorkville as an example of using quality products.  Is stating how blogs and the internet have opened up the discussion of what is happening in other cities that are not happening in Toronto.

Question: Do projects like City Place live up to the ideal or are the worthy of the criticism?

Bruce thinks Calatrava should have designed parts of the railway lands surrounding City Place.  Thinks lots of opportunity has been missed in terms of living in the area.

Kyle discusses some of the history in developing the railway lands.  Office space originally turned into residential space due to the economy.  OMB is once again the culprit in it all.   The Vcr. developer lost the translation from Vancouver to Toronto.

Question: where does the responsibility lie for projects like the Donlands?  Is it the city? The developer?

Gary’s Great Gulf Homes is bidding on the Waterfront development.  Says the density is too high.  Thinks it should be some very tall buildings, some short buildings and public space.

Kyle agrees with Gary.  Planning dept. had a build form that didn’t have a buyer.  No one was interested.  Torontoians have a viceral reaction to the waterfront.

Julie thinks we’ve come a long way in a pallet of materials.  They are getting better.  She’s saying we need to broaden the pallet.  Develop and share new materials.  Hopes to develop a resource book.

Question: What is your vision of Toronto?  If you can dream a dream.

Gary: We think Toronto is the centre of the universe.  Does it end at Eglinton?  Basic things have to be done by the city.  Toronto has grand visions  but fail to execute on them.  We have great neighbouthoods like Cabbagetown and the Annex.  We need to move north of the downtown and around it.

Bruce: city of Jane Jacobs and Marshall McLullan.  Its a city engaged with the world.  One of the few in the world willing accepting immigrants.  The Crystal is a leading example of reaching out to the world.  We need to know the difference between excellent and good.  We need to ask for it and raise the bar.  Demand it and ask for it.  Berlin debates architecture every day.  They have a real vision.  The public realm is very involved.  The future is happening right now.

Jule: difference between residential and commercial projects.  Architects don’t like balconies.  You get good architecture if you focus on the material pallet.  Bring in the science of materials to improive the residental perspective.

Kyle: Thinks we haven’t seen the greatness of Toronto.  Its not Brampton (haha). Toronto doesn’t like change but we need to accept it.  We need to keep changing and moving forward.


Wrapping up the panel.  Questions from the audience.  About to announce the Pug Award winners.

1st question: is blasting the OMB and why they suck!  Kyle Rae agrees.  OMB is a creature of the Province.  Gary thanks the OMB because the Municpal level does such a poor job.

2nd question: Why do we have such bad sidewalks?  Kyle Rae blames the weather that destroys the roads & sidewalks.  Widening of sidewalks and a $20M project about to happen on Bloor St. from Avenue Rd to Church St.

3rd question: How do we get good projects done outside of the downtown core?  Gary says to ask the govt to get involved.  Jule thinks it comes back to the use of materials in areas like Jane & Finch.  Improved public transit leads to intensification and then better use of materials.


Pug Ed Award: Lisa Clemo – Jesse Ketchum Public School

Residential Award: Argyle Authentic Lofts 91.4% of votes

Commercial/Institutional Award: Hazelton Hotel 69% of votes

And that’s a wrap!

Staring at the blank page before you….

I’m going to try something I’ve never done before; live blogging.  I can’t think of anything more important to live blog about than ‘The Hill’s‘ season finale (I know, right!).


Previously on The Hill’s….

Oh the drama..break-ups, jobs, roommates…


Audrina & Justin Bobbi checking out a loft


theme song

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

“The Next Move Is Yours”…what could that mean?


Spencer is such a tool!  Road trip to Vegas!


Heidi the hotel mogul?

Lauren and Whitney discuss the Audrina roommate drama.


oh.my.god!  Sneak peek of Season 4 opener on the MTV After show.


The Kooks on The Hill’s…cool!

Uh oh!  Guess who’s stalking Heidi


The Ting Tings too!!  When did they start playing good music?

Cue embarrasing Heidi….now!

Spencer’s about to be bitch slapped.  What happened to their “relationship vacation”?


Heidi has some decisions to make…career or Spencer?  Who will she pick?


Lauren Conrad cooking?  Really?

Audrina is a leper in her own house.


Is Brent going to leave Hedi behind?  Answer: yes….SHE CHOSE SPENCER!?!?!?! WTF!


Lauren’s upset…awwww.  I’m not a big fan of Lo.


Lauren & Audrina chat…….Awwwwwkward.  I hope this turns into a cat fight.

Audrina’s jealous of Lo.

Poor Lauren….she’s crying.  Stuck in the middle between two friends.


Heidi & Dumbass…I mean SPencer are back in LA.

What!?!?!?!  That’s it?

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in that.  I was expecting more drama.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for Season 4.  Oh well…there’s always ‘A Shot At Love 2 With Tila Tequila’.

Is this thing on?

Check 1, 2…check 1, 2.  Yup this is still on.

It’s been an unbelievable 8 months to the day since I last posted!  Thats pretty much commiting Seppuku in the blogging universe.

A lot has changed in that time and I expect 2008 will continue to be a year of change(for the better).  I have an amazing new job at CommunityLend that excites me and challenges me each and everyday.   I have a new roommate after my last one bravely left for Ireland with no job or place to live once he got there.  Relationships, for better or worse have also changed with partners and friends and remain a work in progress.  My priorities, goals and interests have also changed.  I hope to share more about them here.

Change is also a theme of this blog; a new url, a new look and most importanly a renewed desire to blog again on a regular basis.  Welcome to the new modernlaundry.

Toronto to Brampton

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One of my goals when I started road cycling in April was to be able to ride up to my parents house in north Brampton. I accomplished that goal this weekend. It was a round about sort of route as I hadn’t mapped out a route in advance but it was an interesting ride nonetheless. Highlights includ jets taking off from Pearson for the Air Show, a funeral procession, telling off a few drivers and the obligatory final stop at Starbucks for a latte and Double Espresso Brownie.

I’m close to my ultimate goal for the season of completing a metric century (100km/62 mile).

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s) 7:11:19 4:36 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 4:53:54 3:08 pace
Distance (km) 93.56
Moving Speed (kph) 19.1 avg. 46.3 max.
Elevation Gain (m) +789 / -690

Avg. Heart Rate 124 bpm Zone 2.7

Temperature (°C) 20.3°C avg. 21°C high
Wind Speed ( kph) SE 13.0 avg. SE 14.8 max.

GPS Signal Quality Fair GPS+Barometric Altimeter

Drinking Time!

Dear God! This is my dream event!

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